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PCBOR® Referral Network

Broker of Record: Peter J. Rogers

Information regarding new state law pertaining to referral agents from our Broker-11/2018

Phone: 973-694-8505
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Our referral network, owned by PCBOR®, offers licensees the opportunity to utilize their license without sending it to remain dormant within the NJ Real Estate Commission. Referral Agents may postpone their continuing education credits until they become active licensees. You may view the Referral Agent FAQ's HERE.

We offer the following:

  1. If an agent does not opt to pay dues, but wishes to remain active in our business, they may join our referral network, and have the opportunity to utilize that license and still earn a commissions.
  2. Current Broker of Record must inactivate your license online with the NJREC for us to reactivate your license with the Referral Network.
  3. The cost of the license transition from the Real Estate Commission is $25.00.
  4. The cost to change your license type to “Referral” is $50.00
  5. The annual fee for the PCBOR® Referral Network is $125.00.
  6. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Broker of Record for further information.

Make out a check to the PCBOR® Referral Network.


Referral Agents, print your Real Estate License Pocket ID Card HERE.

Per NJSA 45:15-14, all licensees must have their pocket card license at all times when engaged in the business of a real estate broker, broker-salesperson, salesperson or agent. To be in compliance with this statutory requirement, licensees must carry the physical copy or a digital image and be able to produce it upon request.

Link to Continuing Education Credit Hours Required to Change License Type from Referral Agent to Other NJ License Types