Passaic County
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Professional Standards

Chairperson: Michelle EpsteinBOD Liaison -

Active Committee Members:

Name Position Term Expires
Frederick BuchnerMember
Francine DemingMember
Jacqueline ByramChair
Laura PiccoliMember
John WaltersMember
Velma GuzmanMember
William BoswellMember
Althea ClarkeMember
Melissa Florance-LynchMember
Alberta Ceres-BudaMember
Colleen Mc MahonMember
Valerie AltomareMember
Marilyn WalstedtMember
Kathleen ThomasMember
Donna ConteMember
Judith MizzoneMember
Concetta CiriglianoMember
Dana WilliamsMember
Charles MellenoMember
Joan HanenbergMember
Judith DudgeonMember
Margaret Potomic-NobleMember