Passaic County
Board of REALTORS®
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REALTORS® Assistance Program

“The REALTOR® Assistance Committee has been established to assist Members in need by facilitating resources and information in conjunction with the Member’s firm to promote and support a firm’s fundraising, special need’s trust or other assistance on an as need basis.”


The core values of this committee would include:

  • The Board of Directors may, at their discretion, appropriate money from the Board’s treasury by recommendation of the REALTOR® Assistance committee to an individual in dyer need. The Budget & Finance Committee may apply funds into their annual budget.
  • All Members in need must make application and notify the Board in writing of their intention of whether or not their name and /or situation may be made known to the membership.
  • Broker of Member in need would have the responsibility of due diligence to the Board to fully investigate and certify that the information contained in the application is true.
  • The Board’s role financially or otherwise shall be completely transparent and lawful.
  • A Member in need would be defined to be an immediate and critical situation which impacts one’s ability and means to make a living.
  • The Board will limit their financial participation on a case-by-case basis for soliciting donations from fellow members to two-month intervals. If the application is renewed due to changed circumstances, the participation could begin again, however would still be limited to a two-month interval.
  • Committee will review all applications and make a recommendation, if any, to the Board of Directors who will make or affirm a final decision.


Get the REALTOR® Assistance Application HERE